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We offer a wide range of products and services to ensure our clients perform mission-critical tasks as smoothly as possible.

 Crucial missions require continuous uptime which can be achieved by implementing our solutions which include

 utilization of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, fire protection systems, security access

 control systems and a whole line of products which can not only save your business but 

protects it from various unwanted problems

Fire Protection Systems

Fire is one of the most potential threats to businesses which are unguarded by protection systems. The damages inflicted by fire can be invaluable and often incurable. Protect your business today with fire suppression systems designed to curb the disaster.

Atlas CSF has helped hundreds of data center owner to implement their data center fire suppression strategy over the 18 years in business. Our team of consultant will help you to assess your data center fire suppression needs and proposed you a suitable solution using our broad range of products offering.

Water Mist Based Fire Suppression System

HI-FOG is the world's leading water mist fire protection technology, originally developed by Marioff Corporation for use on passenger ships, but now protecting an increasing range of land-based applications.

HI-FOG combines the extinguishing characteristics of water with the penetrative qualities of gases without any danger to people or the environment.

HI-FOG is an innovative fire protection technology utilising high pressure to produce a fine water mist with average drop size of 50 - 120 µm. HI-FOG combines the extinguishing characteristics of water with the penetrative qualities of gases with no danger to people or the environment.

Application specific HI-FOG systems have been proved to be successful, for example, in protecting machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, underground railways, computer rooms, hotels, office and heritage buildings, offshore platforms and vessels. HI-FOG is the solution of choice especially for applications where superior fire suppression performance, easy installation and minimal water damage are key benefits.
Over 5,000 full scale fire tests testify to the effectiveness of HI-FOG systems. The systems are engineered to meet IMO and NFPA 750 specifications.

HI-FOG fire protection technology provides safety for people, property and the environment in many diffrerent applications. It is backed-up by a dedicated team whose one aim is to provide satisfaction for the customer.


Benefit of Water Mist Based Fire Suppression System

Conventional low pressure water spray or sprinkler systems can cause considerable water damage. Often the water damage is greater than the direct fire damage. Low pressure systems can be difficult to install especially on retrofit projects.
Gaseous systems are unsuitable for many risks because of the difficulty of ensuring enclosure integrity, 
high recharge costs and the personnel and environmental safety issues associated with certain gases.

HI-FOG systems are at least as efficient at suppressing fire, but water discharge is minimal, so the damage to facilities or equipment is minimised, and clean-up time and costs are negligible.
Pipe sizes are small, making installation easy and fast, particularly in retrofits.

HI-FOG uses just pure water, making it totally safe for people, equipment and the environment.

Benefits Summary


Minimal fire smoke and water damage


Minimal downtime, maximum business continuity 


Favourable lifetime cost


Flexible installation with minimal disruption


Minimal space requirements


Minimal weight


Safe for people, the environment and property

Comparison of Features - Fire Protection Capability

The table below compares the general fire fighting capabilities of HI-FOG with the other main types of fire suppression technologies:

Comparison of Features Fire Protection C


1)    Most gaseous systems will only extinguish fires if sufficient enclosure integrity is ensured.
2)    Sprinkler systems are designed to "control or suppress" fires, not necessarily to extinguish them. The primary mechanism is wetting to prevent fire spread. HI-FOG systems however are able to extinguish liquid fuel and spray fires, hidden fires or 3D fires.

Gas cooling

HI-FOG's small droplet size means efficient vaporisation of water leading to high energy absorption and gas cooling which helps prevent flashover and re-ignition. Gaseous agents do not cool the gases or air so efficiently, and the larger sprinkler droplets vaporise less quickly.

Radiant heat blocking

This principle is not based on vaporisation but on the blocking effect of the large number of small droplets – maximised by the HI-FOG technology.

Smoke scrubbing

HI-FOG has been shown to absorb smoke particles and 'scrub' toxic gases in a variety of different fire scenarios

Comparison of Features - Safety During A Fire

The table below compares the safety of HI-FOG with the other main types of fire suppression technologies during a fire:

Comparison of Features Safety During A F

Whilst the dangers of carbon dioxide systems are well known, the dangers of clean agent halocarbon gases when applied to actual fires are less well known. In particular the high levels of HF (hydrogen fluoride) produced during a fire have raised serious concerns on issues of personnel safety and corrosion damage from several respected fire testing organisations.
Although conventional sprinklers are effective in preventing fire spread, the water damage is often extensive. For this reason HI-FOG systems are increasingly specified where water damage is a major issue – as in luxury cruise ships, heritage buildings, art galleries, libraries and document stores.

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