Uninterruptible Power Supply

Atlas CSF understand the importance of quality power to your data center operation. From supporting your telecommunication equipment to defending servers from harmful power outage, Atlas CSF’s provides you a reliable UPS Systems for your continuous data center equipment operation.

Atlas CSF has the right products range to suit your rapid evolving data center backup power requirement from time to time. We have broad range of batteries backup UPS products from 350VA to 800KVA, operate in single or three phase power and comes with industrial grade power protection. Our inherently reliable and economically green flywheel based solutions reduced your data center space requirement by more than 50%, with 130KVA to 1200KVA output power



Static UPS

Award winning power protection system from Riello UPS. Its standby power systems offer the highest level of resilience and are backed-up by the very best personnel and management systems in the power protection industry.




Flywheel UPS

ActivePower is the most energy-efficient critical power solutions and UPS systems in the world. Our inherently reliable and economically green flywheel-based solutions ensure business continuity in the event of power disturbances.