Darwell Environmental Monitoring System



The series 1500 IGU is designed to operate as an information gathering unit for the CommandView II monitoring system. The IGU is able to process 8 analog inputs and up to 32 binary inputs from various types of facility equipment. Some of the digital alarm capabilities of the IGU include discrete N.O. or N.C. binary inputs from virtually any type of facility equipment containing low voltage form “C” alarm contacts such as
generator systems and power plants. In addition, the IGU can also be configured to accept “wet” alarm contacts of 48 volts or less.

The IGU’s analog capabilities include the measurement of temperature, humidity, voltage, amperage, kilowatts, frequency, pressure, kilowatt hours, and direct read water detection. CommandView’s software, Site-Pro, enables users to program high and low set points for each of the analog values, providing versatile coverage to fluctuating environments throughout the alarm field.

The main features of the IGU1500

  • Low Voltage Power Wiring
  • 8 Analog Inputs
  • Up to 32 Digital Inputs
  • Real Time Clock
  • Battery Backed Ram
  • N.O. or N.C. Digital Inputs
  • Uploadable Analog Limits
  • “If-Then-Else” Control Statements
  • Built-in Watch Dog Circuitry
  • RS485 Communications
  • CommandView II Compatible
  • Low Cost Data Gathering
  • Simple Installation

CommandView SitePro Evolution

CommandView SitePRO Evolution is the latest version of our windows based graphic monitoring system. Like it’s predecessors, Evolution incorporates the kind of features our customers demand. The new operator interface is like the familiar web browsers everyone has become used to since the World Wide Web has appeared.

SitePRO-EV is designed to meet the demanding requirements of high tech facilities. SitePRO-EV is also the evolution of our 15 years of experience in this industry. SitePRO-EV reflects that experience in it’s strong feature base designed specifically for the most expensive square footage in world. SitePRO-EV isn’t a building automation system trying to cover the requirements of a modern technology facility. It’s the only one that was designed to do the job





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