Our Services


We have a team of experienced engineers and technical personnel who are capable of providing services such as data centre consultancy, technical study and facilities review. We provide turnkey solution and design for new data centers, as well as reviewing existing data center site facilities. We also undertake audits on existing data centre mechanical and electrical systems.


  1. Data Center Planning and Design

    Through our years of experience in data center business, we found many sizable data centers which were built with inadequate planning and scrutiny resulting in broad range of operating, maintenance and costs issues. In some severe cases, irrecoverable problems often lead to eventual data center downtime. Downtime means interruption to mission critical and real time online operations, resulting in loss of revenue and customers' confidence.

    Our in house team have the experience to help with optimization and planning, re-engineering through the application of the most appropriate technology designed for system redundancy, concurrent maintainability and scalability, be it small facilities to high density data centers

  2. Data Center Cooling and Power Study

    Atlas CSF offers our valued customers comprehensive reviews on their existing environments. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers will spend time with you to perform sizing of your cooling and power requirement in data center according to your mid to long term planning. Our methodologies to load your facilities profile combines the latest and most advanced cooling and power design concepts to enhance your data center availability with value added cost optimization.

    This peace of mind is offered in all our data center cooling and power studies and recommendations.

  3. Electrical System Design

    Our design team has the experience to design, review, and re-engineer various electrical systems in data centers that caters to different requirements. Electrical system in a data centre should consider power usage requirement or envisage utilization, system redundancy for core component, protection, flexibility and scalability for expansion, maintenance and cost effective operations.

  4. Data Center Construction and Project Management

    With a proven project management methodology, we have a team of experienced project management personnel that focuses on turnkey projects. Our large installed base throughout Malaysia proves our track record for projects; from inception, construction to completion, testing and commissioning

    Our experience in various industries has given us an added dimension in managing even the most complicated and difficult projects with timely project completion that minimizes project cost over run

  5. Infrastructure and Facilities Monitoring

    The data center is a constantly evolving entity that encompasses hundreds of facilities devices and generates hundred to thousand alerts and data daily. Daily health check needs to be carried out to ensure optimum performance to avoid any interruption or downtime. An efficient and robust facilities data monitoring allows you to prevent any disaster through alarms warning, pre-alerts, filtering and processing.

    ATLAS CSF Facilities Monitoring Service provides end to end solution from consultation, design, supply, integration, Testing and Commissioning for all facilities within your data centre. With our user friendly Monitoring Solutions, we empower you to monitor the status of your facilities system with just a click of the mouse.

  6. Data Center Relocation Services

    Atlas CSF understands that any potential disruption to critical business operations can severely damage the organisations’ reputation and business.

    Atlas CSF Facilities Relocation Services can help you to successfully relocate your data centre facilities with peace of mind. Our services include relocation planning, schedule planning, physical equipment relocation, temporary power, UPS and Air Conditioner setup complemented with relocation services project management

  7. Data Center Facilities Services and Maintenance

    Customer Service and Maintenance Support

    For every project undertaken, our association with customers do not end upon completion of the project. Rather, it marks the beginning of a long term partnership. Our service and maintenance support is built and managed with the objective of providing the highest level of service support on a long term basis. We are well aware that customer satisfaction is vital for our continued existence and success in the industry.

    Our Annual Maintenance Program

    All Atlas customers are offered a comprehensive annual maintenance program to protect your investments in the system are protected and ensures system uptime is the highest. Preventive maintenance program will minimize disruption and mitigate expensive repair expense.

    Only specially trained technical personnel familiar with the equipment and systems will perform maintenance services. Regular preventive and remedial maintenance undertaken are supported with detailed service documentation and history. This means our Customers have auditable records of their asset, and operations uptime and reliability.