ActivePower DC Flywheel

CleanSource UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) features the most advanced power conditioning performance available today while maintaining the industry's smallest footprint. Integrated with field-proven CleanSource flywheel technology, CleanSource UPS protects today's sensitive microprocessor-based equipment from voltage sags and surges to complete power interruptions. When coupled with a standby generator, CleanSource UPS creates a predictable, continuous power system that will ride through power outages to keep your critical operations up and running.


CleanSource Product Benefits

Battery-free technology
Highest system reliability

Smallest footprint available
40°C rating on entire system

98% efficient
Various remote monitoring options

Continuous voltage regulation
Expandable sizes available
Power factor improvement
Low maintenance

Harmonic cancellation
Simple installation

One-to-one genset sizing
No spill containment or special ventilation required

No additional HVAC requirements


Product Features

Flywheel Energy Storage
LCD monitor/control panel

Less than 150 second recharge
Programmable input and output contacts

Static bypass and wraparound contactor
Redundant cooling fans

Bi-directional converter
Auto restart (programmable)
Local Emergency Power Off (EPO)
Back-feed protection

RS232 or RS485 serial connection


Flywheel Technology

Active Power introduced the world’s first integrated UPS and DC power system utilizing patented flywheel technology, an alternative to chemical batteries. The resulting CleanSource product line now has more than 40 million hours of runtime in applications around the world.

Flywheel energy storage systems store kinetic energy, energy produced by motion, by constantly spinning a compact rotor in a low-friction environment. When short-term back-up power is required because utility power fluctuates or is lost, the rotor's inertia allows it to continue spinning and the resulting kinetic energy is converted to electricity.

Active Power's CleanSource® Flywheel Technology, as shown below, integrates the function of a motor, flywheel rotor and generator into a single integrated system. The motor, which uses electric current from the utility grid to provide energy to rotate the flywheel, spins constantly to maintain a ready source of kinetic energy. The generator then converts the kinetic energy of the flywheel into electricity.


The flywheel rotor spins in a near frictionless environment, created by Active Power's patented magnetic bearing technology. This innovative technology unloads a majority of the flywheel's weight from the field-replaceable mechanical bearing cartridge. The efficiency in the chamber is further enhanced by the creation of a rough vacuum, which reduces drag on the spinning flywheel. As power is transferred to the load, the flywheel's speed decreases. Additional current is then supplied to the field coil to ensure that the voltage output remains constant throughout discharge. This enables the flywheel system to provide ride-through power during power disturbances.

Active Power's flywheel-based systems provide ride-through power for the majority of power disturbances, such as voltage sags and surges, and bridges the gap between a power outage and the time required to switch to generator power.

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